Without battery in sunny day

*Power Factor =1.0
​*Wide DC volt range :120~500VDC
​*Built-in 80A MPPT Solar Charger
​*Running without battery in sunny day.


0 4~150KW solar pump system

Hybrid Solar / AC / Generator
Support AC PUMP,Single or Three phase ,
​Focus & Professional Solutions

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

DSP Digital signal processor improves reliability
​DC/ Mains priority mode available
​19inch/ 2U,4U Rack-mount design
​Communications and network management



Solar Street Light
New Design & High Lumens

   Night Sensor & PIR Motion Sensor
​     120 ° wide lighting angle
     Easy & Cheap installation

Solar hybrid inverter

PHI Series Pure sine wave inverter supplys high quality and stable AC power for office ,home and other special workplaces,and it totaly workable on indictive loads.


On inverter
● High overload ability
● Low battery voltage trip selectable, extracting max power from various batteries with different  protections
● Low quiescent current, selectable sensing cycle to reduce power consumption


On battery charger
● 3-step intelligent battery charging
● 8 preset battery type selector plus de-sulphation for totally flat batteries
● Powerful charge rate up to 70Amp ,selectable charging current
● PFC(Power Factor Correction) for charger, less power consumption than conventional units


On Transfer
● Delay before transfer, extra protections for loads under generator mode
● Input AC voltage range selectable, for different kinds of loads
● 8 ms typical transfer time, guarantees power continuity
● 30A/40A through current ability
● Output voltage regulation optional


On remote control & other features
● Ability to switch the unit on/off
● Ability to select/deselect power saver mode
● 17 alarms/warnings, informative for easier operation and trouble-shooting
● LCD status display available
● RS232 communication port optional


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