Without battery in sunny day

*Power Factor =1.0
​*Wide DC volt range :120~500VDC
​*Built-in 80A MPPT Solar Charger
​*Running without battery in sunny day.


0 4~150KW solar pump system

Hybrid Solar / AC / Generator
Support AC PUMP,Single or Three phase ,
​Focus & Professional Solutions

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

DSP Digital signal processor improves reliability
​DC/ Mains priority mode available
​19inch/ 2U,4U Rack-mount design
​Communications and network management



Solar Street Light
New Design & High Lumens

   Night Sensor & PIR Motion Sensor
​     120 ° wide lighting angle
     Easy & Cheap installation

Telecom & Utility inverter
UPI Series of telecom inverter are used for the switch , computer rooms, networks and other communication equipments. It can provide 220VAC or 110VAC power to the load or as mains special emergency power to prevent the serious consequences of electricity interruption by converting 24Vor 48V batteries.1U,2U,4U or 8U;19 inch rack mounting design.

DC input adopts reflected noise suppression technology, and AC input with multiple filtering technology to eliminated mains interference.

​Output: Adopting SPWM technology,with the output of stabilized voltage and frequency,pure sine-wave.

​Efficiency: ≥85%

​Strong Anti-Jamming: Shielding , eliminating frequency interference,no interference to the communications equipments .

​Bypass: AC bypass to ease the battery pressure .

​Hi-tech: Intelligent micro computer CPU control technology and SPWM technology.

​Protection: Input under/over voltage, output under/over voltage , over temperature, short circuit .

​Display: LED+LCD.

​Remote control: TCP/IP protocol,real-time monitoring.

Boost selection: Default DC power and support AC power on.

​Load ability: Superior resistance to shock loads,especially the inductive load.

​3 Alarm dry contacts: Input and output failure alarm .When failure disappear, recover automatically.

​Panel: Our own design, coated & paint, beautiful and generous, light weight.

Pure Sine Wave Utility Inverter Features

1. Adopting SPWM technology,with the output is pure sine wave with stabilized voltage and frequency,filtering noise and low distortion.

2. With micro-CPU control, circuit is simple and reliable.

3. Built-in bypass switch, it can quickly switch between the mains and the inverter.

4. High efficiency >85%

5. When it is overload, the inverter will shut off the output. After recovering the normal load power within 50 seconds, the power will auto recovery output. This function is suitable for the unmanned communication base station.

6. It can be turned off DC power in working condition and auto switched to the AC bypass , which will not affect the power supply to the load , and it is convenient maintenance and replacement of the battery.

7. Support communication function; RS232/RS485/RJ45 interface for choose.

8. Provide three groups of passive dry contact: DC input failure, the mains failure and AC output failure alarm.

9. Mold design alone, coated paint, beautiful and generous, light weight.

10. It can work without DC power. This function allows to use the inverter in advance, and install the battery.

11. 1U, 2U, 4U or 8U 19 inch rack mounting design, easy to use.

2 working type-AC power type and DC power type:

1) AC power type means the city power supply is main when the city power is normal,when city power is off,inverter comes into work state.

2) DC power type means the inverter power supply is main when the city power is normal,when inverter power is off;city power comes into work state automatically.

Utility Inverter Specification:


Output power 1KVA 2KVA 3KVA 4KVA 5KVA 6KVA 7KVA 8KVA 9KVA 10KVA
Run mode Pure inverter/online interactive
Rated input voltage 110V/220V
Rated input current(A) 10.6/
42.6/ 21.1 53.2/ 26.3 63.8/
95.7/ 47.4 106.4/52.6
Turn-off voltage range 110Vdc(92V-132V)   220Vdc(190V-270V)
Turn-on voltage range 110Vdc(101V-127V)   220Vdc(207V-260V)
Anti-noise current irrigation ≤10%
Bypass voltage 145V-95V(±10V)
Rated input current(A) 10.5 21.1 31.6 42.1 52.6 63.2 73.7 84.2 94.7 105.3
Bypass transfer time(ms) ≤5ms
Power factor 0.8 0.7
Rated capacity(VA) 1K 2K 3K 4K 5K 6K 7K 8K 9K 10K
Rated output power 800W 1600W 2400W 3200W 3500W 4200W 4900W 5600W 6300W 7000W
Rated output voltage and frequency 110Vac, 50Hz
Wave shape Pure sine wave
Rated output current 7.2A 14.5A 21.8A 29.1A 31.8A 38.2A 44.5A 50.9 A 57.3 A 63.6 A
Output voltage accuracy 110 V±1.5%
Output frequency accuracy 50Hz±0.1%
Waveform distortion ≤3%
Dynamic Response Time 0.05
Overload 120%, 30s
Inverter efficiency
  (80% Resistive load)
Dielectric Strength input & output 1500Vac, 1min
Noise(1m) ≤40dB
Ambient temperature -25℃~+50℃
Humidity 0~95%, Non-condensing
Altitude(m) ≤1500
Cooling Forced air
Interface HMI LCD+LED display
Communication interface RS232/RS485/RJ45(Choose one)
dry contact load output 2ch /3ch output ( Choose one)
Protection Input under/over voltage; output overload, short   circuit protection; AC input high and low voltage protectio
Output wiring Sockets and terminals Terminal Blocks



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