Without battery in sunny day

*Power Factor =1.0
​*Wide DC volt range :120~500VDC
​*Built-in 80A MPPT Solar Charger
​*Running without battery in sunny day.


0 4~150KW solar pump system

Hybrid Solar / AC / Generator
Support AC PUMP,Single or Three phase ,
​Focus & Professional Solutions

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

DSP Digital signal processor improves reliability
​DC/ Mains priority mode available
​19inch/ 2U,4U Rack-mount design
​Communications and network management



Solar Street Light
New Design & High Lumens

   Night Sensor & PIR Motion Sensor
​     120 ° wide lighting angle
     Easy & Cheap installation

Solar charge controller
ATS-F series MPPT solar charge controller include of :12V /24V /36V /48V(Automatic battery voltage detection), 20A/30A/40A/50A/60A/100A, 72V/96V 100A, for the photovoltaic panels to collect solar energy stored in the battery device. With wide PV input voltage range,rapid MPPT tracking technology,high efficiency synchronous rectification technology.

This ATS-F series MPPT solar charge controller include of :

12V /24V /36V /48V(Automatic battery voltage detection), 20A/30A/40A/50A/60A/100A,
72V/96V 100A,


High performance MPPT solar charge controller
● Suitable for 12V,24V,36V,48V,72V,96VDC system
● Wide PV input voltage range
● Rapid MPPT tracking technology
● High efficiency synchronous rectification technology
● Higher operation efficiency and higer MPPT efficiency
● Excellent thermal design
● High reliability under any ambient conditions


Easy and affordable to install
● Lightweight and compact size
● General battery/PV terminal and battery tempertature
● ambient temperature sensing interfaces


Full data display and communications
● Customization LCD display all the important data
● Bright LED indicators imply system status at a glance


Const advantages
● High efficiency buck topology design cutting down the cost
● Light weight and small dimension, reducing shipping cost
● Low maintenance expense
● Typical efficiency Curve
● High-quality components guarantee longer use life

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