Without battery in sunny day

*Power Factor =1.0
​*Wide DC volt range :120~500VDC
​*Built-in 80A MPPT Solar Charger
​*Running without battery in sunny day.


0 4~150KW solar pump system

Hybrid Solar / AC / Generator
Support AC PUMP,Single or Three phase ,
​Focus & Professional Solutions

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

DSP Digital signal processor improves reliability
​DC/ Mains priority mode available
​19inch/ 2U,4U Rack-mount design
​Communications and network management



Solar Street Light
New Design & High Lumens

   Night Sensor & PIR Motion Sensor
​     120 ° wide lighting angle
     Easy & Cheap installation

Solar panel

◆ Power Range: 300w-330w

◆  PID-Free

◆ Complies with IEC 61701:2011 Salt Mist Testing

◆ Certified with 2400pa Wind Loads and 5400pa Snow Loads

◆ Insured by Product Guarantee Insurance

◆ Warranty:

• 12 Years product warranty

• 10 Years performance guarantee at 90%power output 

• 25 Years performance guarantee at 80% power output


245W ~ 270W Polycrystalline Module:

300W~330W Polycrystalline Module:

Project 1

This system is a commercial system installed in Nagoya ,Japan. Installation area is about 3,000㎡, three-phase 10kv grid, with a variety of security measures: short-circuit protection, leakage protection, lightning protection, over-current fuse protection. Using new stent installation technology, capacity is about 26.5 million kw.h/year, System life ≥ 25 years. Expected recover the cost within 4 years and began to profit from the fifth year.Capacity:250 KW , Module Type:NBJ-300P, Installation area:3000㎡

Project 2
Commercial gird system in Munich,Germany , Capacity:120 KW , Module Type:NBJ-300P.

Project 3
Commercial gird system in Zhejiang,China , Capacity:1 MW , Module Type:NBJ-280P.

Project 4
Commercial gird system in Baden-Württemberg,Germany , Capacity:90 KW , Module Type:NBJ-265P.

Project 5
Residential roofs in Yokohama,Japan , Capacity:20KW , Module Type:NBJ-265P.

Project 6
Commercial grid system in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia ,Capacity:231KW , Module Type:NBJ-300P.



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